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American Landscaping & Hardscaping

We assess each project on an individual basis, collaborating together with you to ensure that your space expresses your unique vision.

It all starts with the design. When it comes to designing an appealing area for you, American Landscaping & Hardscaping isn’t afraid to explore outside the box. We’ve designed and maintained some of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful and sharp-looking outdoor spaces, and we can offer precise features that accurately represent your wishes and needs. With the help of an experienced Landscaper like American Landscaping & Hardscaping, you can create unique outdoor spaces, patios, fences, fire pits, landscaping, and more!

Every project American Landscaping & Hardscaping takes on is backed by years of experience in installations and maintenance. We offer professional credentials that ensure the safety and quality of our work, and we have an everlasting commitment to client satisfaction.

Personalized Fencing & Patios

A gorgeous patio or fencing is the best solution to enhance the curb appeal of your property. American Landscaping & Hardscaping can create a stunning custom-designed patio and fencing to enhance your home’s style and landscape. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a cohesive aesthetic that complements your outdoor living space. 

A great patio or walkway connects your driveway, entryway, porch, or other house elements. We’ll guide you in determining the correct materials and design features to create a breathtaking patio or walkway that will impress your guests.

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American Landscaping & Hardscaping

means High-End Quality & Complete Service 


Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces that are tailored to your property’s specific requirements. Design and material collaboration to best suit the project.


Fencing & Retaining Walls

Designed and built to your specifications. Our staff can assist you with material suggestions and the optimum location for the fences and walls on your property.


Full Service Landscaping

All-season certified, We perform all the landscaping you need to keep your property looking beautiful, clean, maintained, and healthy all season round.

We create elegantly simple walkways and patios, as well as luxuriously tailored outdoor environments. Our approach is straightforward: we listen to your ideas, discuss your project, design it, then build it! We’re passionate about assisting our clients in enjoying their outside spaces, and we can’t wait to assist you in designing your ideal patio or fencing. To get started, contact us today!

Every design we create is the result from years of experience. To ensure that we build durable and safe structures, we maintain the necessary training and certifications. We are committed to creating high-quality and secure environments.

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