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Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Lawn Care

For your company’s landscape to always appear its best, American Landscaping & Hardscaping offers expert commercial lawn care services. To keep your grass healthy and vibrant, our team of specialists is committed to offering top-notch maintenance services, such as mowing, edging, and trimming. You can be certain that your property will leave a great first impression on your clients by using our business lawn care services.

Lawn Trimming & Pruning

Lawn Trimming & Pruning

American Landscaping & Hardscaping is aware that regular trimming and pruning are crucial to preserving a lush, attractive grass. Our team of professionals has the tools and expertise needed to perfectly trim and prune your grass, encouraging healthy growth and guaranteeing that your landscape looks its best. Count on us to deliver to you a skilled and effective grass pruning and trimming service.

Core Aeration

A healthy grass requires regular core aeration, and at American Landscaping & Hardscaping, we offer professional core aeration services to keep your lawn looking its best. Small cores of soil will be removed from your lawn by our team of professionals using specialized machinery, enabling water, nutrients, and oxygen to reach the roots. This encourages healthy development and enhances your lawn’s general health. Count on us to deliver a competent and efficient core oxygenation service to you.

Core Aeration


Our overseeding services at American Landscaping & Hardscaping are made to keep your grass lush and healthy because we know how important it is to do so. Your grass will be overseeded by our team of professionals using high-quality seed, encouraging strong growth and filling in any thin or patchy areas. This makes your lawn look better generally and keeps it looking its best all year long. You can rely on us to deliver a top-notch overseeding service that will maintain your lawn looking its best. 

Why Chose Us

For all of your commercial lawn care requirements, including grass trimming and pruning, core aeration, and overseeding, rely on American Landscaping & Hardscaping. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable and well-equipped to offer you prompt, effective services that will maintain the health and beauty of your grass. You can rely on us to give you a lawn that leaves a fantastic first impression thanks to our dedication to high-quality lawn care service.

Our Services

Landscaping Services

Creating beautiful sceneries for your home or your business.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining green grass and healthy trees all year around.

Fence Installations

An attractive way to keep your privacy from the outside world.

Patio Installations

Outdoor dining, or recreational areas for family and friends.


Automatic and trouble free watering for your lawn and plants.

Water Management

Keep any flooding or drought areas out of your property.

Ivy, Bamboo, Brush Removal

Unwanted shrubbery and dead plant removal.


Covering the soil in your property with the ideal and perfect material.

Transplanting & Planting

From adding new plants and trees to giving them a new home.

Land Clearing

Clear out your land for any new construction projects.


Give your property a new look for a beautiful evening and night.

Belgian Blocks

Fantastic block work for a charming floor to walk on.

From Our Clients

“Fantastic work for my Backyard, a complete transformation that will help me a lot with the property value!

Melvin Thornton

“Mike and his team are great to work with.”

Fred Wood

“American Landscaping and Hardscaping was able to create a beautiful pathway from my yard to my patio, I highly recommend them.”

Mattie Casey

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