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Spring Cleanup & Mulching

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Spring Cleaning & Mulch

Spring Cleaning & Mulch

Our spring cleaning and mulching services are the perfect way to freshen up your environment as spring approaches. For your lawn and garden to appear their best, American Landscaping & Hardscaping offers effective and professional spring cleaning services. All trash, including leaves that have dropped from trees, branches, and other items that have accumulated over the winter, will be cleared away by our team of professionals. Additionally, we will prune trees and shrubs to get them ready for their spring development. Our spring cleaning service will make your garden tidy and prepared for the growing season.

Spring Cleaning

Get your lawn and garden ready for the growing season with our Spring Cleaning services at American Landscaping & Hardscaping. Our team of experts will remove all debris, prune shrubs and trees, and prepare your landscape for its spring growth. Trust us to provide you with a clean and beautiful landscape that is ready for the season ahead.

Spring Cleaning


Enhance the appearance and health of your landscape with our professional mulching services at American Landscaping & Hardscaping. Our team will help you choose the right type and color of mulch to complement your landscape’s design while retaining moisture, regulating soil temperature, and suppressing weed growth. Trust us to provide you with an even distribution of mulch that will protect your plants’ roots and keep your garden healthy and vibrant.

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At American Landscaping & Hardscaping, we take pride in providing exceptional Spring Cleaning and Mulching services. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best results, and we use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure your landscape looks its best. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust us to provide you with a beautiful and healthy landscape.

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Creating beautiful sceneries for your home or your business.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining green grass and healthy trees all year around.

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An attractive way to keep your privacy from the outside world.

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Outdoor dining, or recreational areas for family and friends.


Automatic and trouble free watering for your lawn and plants.

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Keep any flooding or drought areas out of your property.

Ivy, Bamboo, Brush Removal

Unwanted shrubbery and dead plant removal.


Covering the soil in your property with the ideal and perfect material.

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From adding new plants and trees to giving them a new home.

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Clear out your land for any new construction projects.


Give your property a new look for a beautiful evening and night.

Belgian Blocks

Fantastic block work for a charming floor to walk on.

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“Fantastic work for my Backyard, a complete transformation that will help me a lot with the property value!

Melvin Thornton

“Mike and his team are great to work with.”

Fred Wood

“American Landscaping and Hardscaping was able to create a beautiful pathway from my yard to my patio, I highly recommend them.”

Mattie Casey

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