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Transplanting & Planting

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Transplanting & Planting

For Shade and Beauty

In addition to giving us oxygen, shade, and a home for numerous living things, trees are crucial elements of our ecosystem. To guarantee the long-term health and survival of trees, which are a valuable natural resource, appropriate care and management must be taken.

Transplanting Trees

We provide expert tree transplanting services at American Landscaping & Hardscaping for trees of all kinds. To guarantee the long-term health and survival of the trees, our team of experts has years of expertise in selecting, preparing, and transplanting them. The root system of the tree is maintained during the transplanting process thanks to the use of cutting-edge tools and methods.

We provide soil preparation, fertilization, and watering as part of our transplanting services to give your freshly transplanted tree the best possible start in its new environment. You can rely on American Landscaping & Hardscaping to give you an effective tree transplanting experience thanks to our focus on detail and dedication to quality.


Transplanting Trees
Planting New Trees

Planting New Trees

We provide expert planting services for new trees of all kinds at American Landscaping & Hardscaping. With regards to choosing, planting, and caring for a variety of trees, our team of professionals has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Every tree is planted correctly and will flourish in its new environment thanks to the top-notch tools and methods we employ.

Our planting services also include fertilization, feeding, and soil preparation to give your new tree the best possible start. Additionally, we provide a range of tree types and sizes, giving you the opportunity to choose the ideal tree for your unique landscape requirements. You can rely on American Landscaping & Hardscaping to give you a gorgeous and thriving new tree because of our focus on the little things and dedication to quality.


Why Chose Us

For all of your tree planting and transplanting requirements, choose American Landscaping & Hardscaping. Our team of professionals uses the best tools and methods to make sure that every tree is installed correctly and will flourish in its new setting. You can rely on us to give you a healthy, attractive new tree thanks to our vast selection, planting, and maintenance expertise in a broad range of tree species.

Our Services

Landscaping Services

Creating beautiful sceneries for your home or your business.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining green grass and healthy trees all year around.

Fence Installations

An attractive way to keep your privacy from the outside world.

Patio Installations

Outdoor dining, or recreational areas for family and friends.


Automatic and trouble free watering for your lawn and plants.

Water Management

Keep any flooding or drought areas out of your property.

Ivy, Bamboo, Brush Removal

Unwanted shrubbery and dead plant removal.


Covering the soil in your property with the ideal and perfect material.

Transplanting & Planting

From adding new plants and trees to giving them a new home.

Land Clearing

Clear out your land for any new construction projects.


Give your property a new look for a beautiful evening and night.

Belgian Blocks

Fantastic block work for a charming floor to walk on.

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“Fantastic work for my Backyard, a complete transformation that will help me a lot with the property value!

Melvin Thornton

“Mike and his team are great to work with.”

Fred Wood

“American Landscaping and Hardscaping was able to create a beautiful pathway from my yard to my patio, I highly recommend them.”

Mattie Casey

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